Simple Solutions Environmental can provide a variety of environmental services. Please see below for more detailed descriptions of services and specialties. 
LSRP services 

SSE provides Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRPs) services to investigate, remediate and bring your site to closure. LSRPs are licensed professionals, regulated by an ethical code and audited by the NJDEP. The LSRP provides work plans and issues the case closure documentation and Response Action Outcome (RAO). The LSRP must comply with all current remediation statutes and utilize them accordingly when making remediation plans and decisions. The LSRP can use professional judgement in conjunction with NJDEP regulations and standards to ensure that sites are remediated appropriately and in a timely manner.  Please contact SSE if you require LSRP services or would like to speak with our LSRP regarding a specific question or situation you may have.

Real Estate Due Diligence 

Due diligence tasks are very important and are recommended prior to all real estate transactions. In NJ, a preliminary assessment must be conducted to obtain protection from any potential liability under the New Jersey Spill Act. The preliminary assessment will evaluate the property for any previous or current environmental concerns that may be present. SSE's due diligence research includes review of the historic aerial photographs, fire insurance maps and database searches for relevant environmental issues. These services can be completed on both residential and commercial properties and are in the buyers' best interest to ensure you are not assuming any environmental concerns or liabilities.  Due Diligence services and consultation are best suited to be completed prior to any phase of an environmental investigation so please contact SSE if you have a property transaction pending and you need answers!

Child Care Center Assessment/Remediation


A Child Care Center must be issued an RAO in order to obtain a new license in the state of NJ. The LSRP will provide the Preliminary Assessment and evaluate the property for all required environmental hazards that may be present. Those requirements can be found under NJAC 10:122-5.2. SSE's LSRP has been specializing in this specific area for over 5 years and is well versed in the process and current regulations.  SSE can get you an RAO fast - please call us for details!

Environmental Investigation and Remediation

SSE provides multi-phase investigations including both Phase I (site investigation) and Phase II (remedial investigation) services. Site investigations are a detailed investigation based on the identification of an Area of Concern (AOC). A remedial investigation takes place after the site investigation to delineate the extent and magnitude of any contamination identified. These investigations include ground water testing, soil testing, locating any underground tanks, drilling, and possibly the installation of monitoring equipment (as needed). SSE can provide an investigation workplan, collect the samples required and formulate the best Remedial Action approach for your specific circumstance. SSE will work with remediation contractors to complete the cleanup and assure that remedial actions were successful and no further remediation needs to take place on the property.  SSE completes all investigation and remediation under the current NJDEP regulations and is certified by the NJDEP to provide Licensed Site Remediation Professional and Subsurface Evaluation services.  Please call us to obtain a quote.